One more note on my new found resolution approach. I realized that simple things can be resolutions as well. I’ve chosen a few for myself, to be tackled in the kitchen. These are my secondary resolutions – the measurable and “check it off my list” ones. Simple, plain old goals. No need to make them “resolutions” – but why not – they will be easily accomplished, and can be expanded upon yearly. So on that note – here goes:

  • roast whole chicken – somehow its always too daunting for me to tackle, yet the payoff is fantastic
  • build more quick, economical and balanced dinners – less “beige” food
  • believe in the slow cooker – it takes up a lot of space, but can produce great results with some thinking ahead
  • properly stock freezer – there should always be the makings of meals in there. meats and whatnot

Maybe I’ll add more. Who knows. But these are simple things that require little work – and once I get them figured out, they will be RESOLVED.  And hey, maybe I’ll write about them here.

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