Pig Candy – perhaps the ultimate treat. It is similar to Maple Bacon, but cooked on the smoker, with some extra kick.


  • 1lb+ thick cut bacon slices
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon (varies) cayenne pepper
  • kosher/sea salt (optional)



Fire up the smoker to 300, or higher if you can.

Line a rimmed 1/2 baking sheet with foil (or largest that will fit in the cooker), and place a rack on top of the foil. Mix the sugar and pepper in a bowl, and dredge the bacon in the sugar. Lay your coated bacon strips on the rack. Don’t overlap the strips – but they can be very close to each other as they will shrink.

Once coated, put the pan on the top rack of your cooker. After 10 minutes, check your bacon.. if some strips are cooking faster than others, rotate them on the pan. Also, flip the slices, if you feel the need.

Smoke at 300 for 15-20 minutes – until desired crispness. Smoke wood isn’t necessary.. but probably doesnt hurt.


Follow the above instructions all the way, except for the cooking part. Crank the oven up to about 400 and cook until crispy. The oven method may require ventilation as the dripping brown sugar goo can burn when it hits the pan.


This recipe can be cooked on a grill over an indirect fire. Be careful if grilling as the bacon can burn and flare up.


  • You “can” cook directly on the grates in the smoker, but the sugar can create a mess later.

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